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What we do

AB Analytical Services provides custom research and analysis to money-managers,hedge-funds and financial consultants. Our engagements range from short-term projects to on-going collaborations. We do not manage money and are compensated solely by the job or on retainer.

Unlike many independent research providers, our background has been on the Buy-Side, and our work is geared towards helping Buy-Side firms with specific tasks. Our focus, like that of our clients, is broad. We do not have canned ideas that we are trying to "sell" to clients.

Quite siimply, we use our judgment, experience and tools to help other investors make effective and informed choices about the stocks in which they invest.

About our staff

Alan J. Brochstein, CFA formed AB Analytical Services in 2007, having worked in the securities profession in several different capacities over the past 21 years. He works with several different hedge funds and investment advisors, including Friedberg Investment Management, where he is a member of the investment management committee.  Alan is also a senior analyst with Management CV, and independent research firm based in Bethesda, MD. 

What makes us unique

AB Analytical Services is unique in its efforts to serve institutional investors from a Buy-Side perspective. Our business model minimizes any potential conflicts of interest, and we are highly committed to preserving confidentiality regarding our clients and the research or services that we provide them.



AB Analytical Services

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