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Alan J. Brochstein, CFA






     Alan is the principal and founder of AB Analytical Services, which he formed in early 2007.   He is responsible for all aspects of the firm.  While the firm maintains the confidentiality of its clients, who are typically registered investment advisors, he can disclose that he serves as a senior analyst to Management CV, an independent research firm based in Bethesda, MD and serves on the investment management committee at Friedberg Investment Management.  Alan also runs the highly successful model portfolios at Invest By Model, a service aimed at individual investors, and shares his views on individual stocks at My Own Analyst.

     A 1986 graduate from Northwestern University, Alan began his career with Kidder, Peabody, where he spent 6 years in trading (mortages and asset-backed securities) and fixed-income sales.  He then spent two years as Head Trader of the asset management unit of First Boston.  In 1994, Alan returned from NYC to Houston to become a fixed-income portfolio manager with Criterion.  In 2000, he transitioned from bonds to stocks, joining Piedra Capital, where he served as a principal, analyst and portfolio manager.  At Piedra, Alan specialized in researching Healthcare and Technology stocks.

     Alan's personal style of investing, developed since the age of 13, tends to be growth-oriented, though it might be considered "GARPish".  He typically has a very concentrated portfolio, which is disclosed regularly on the website.   Alan is a frequent contributor to Seeking Alpha and published an extensive market letter for two years. 





Contact Alan at or 713-344-0826




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