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High-Quality Dividend Payers

It's very easy to find high dividend payers.  The more difficult task is to find high-quality dividend payers.  The return on an investment in a stock consists of not only the dividends accumulated over time, but also the change in the value of the stock.  Too many investors reach for yield and discover that the dividend isn't secure.  How can an investor safeguard from this risk? 

AB Analytical Services has created a proprietary screen that identifies companies that yield in excess of 2% and that have a history of raising dividends as well as experiencing sales and earnings growth.  Additionally, these stocks have all paid dividends for at least 10 consecutive years and are not trading too far from historical valuations.  Finally, each of these companies is earning a significant return on capital and are paying out less than 80% of their earnings to stockholders as dividends.  In other words, the dividend is not only safe and secure, but it should grow over time.

As a subscriber to this screen, which is updated each month, you will receive not only the list of names, but all of the parameters that the model employs to select the names.  The monthly cost is just $10 ($100 per year).  While you will find many names with which you are familiar, you will discover some small-cap and mid-cap names that are not as commonly known.  This product is available to individual investors only.  Note that the example below is what AB Analytical Services uses to provide the report.  We are able to send only the names and ticker symbols, not the data.

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