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1) Customized Screen delivered on a weekly basis

     AB Analytical Services will work with you to design a customized screen using StockVal based upon the parameters that you deem important to your investment process. Ongoing subscription cost is just $100 per month for weekly delivery to up to three individuals via email, with a discount for additional screens. The goal of this service is to alert you to potential investment ideas and save you significant time. Note that the service doesn't include the actual output but rather the names of the companies that meet the criteria.


To receive your complimentary  four-week subscription, please contact


2) Customized Portfolio Monitoring delivered on a weekly basis

     AB Analytical Services will monitor your portfolio for important news, earnings revisions or changes in technical trends.   On-going subscription cost is just $200 per month for the first 10 names and $15 per each additional name.  The goal of this service is to allow you efficiently monitor your portfolio on a regular and cost-effective manner.

To receive your complimentary one-week subscription, please contact


3) SMALL-CAP ROCKET REPORT delivered on a monthly basis

     AB Analytical Services has created a report designed to identify Small-cap stocks that are performing well, valued reasonably, adequately financed and not widely followed by Wall Street.  On-going subscription price is $50 per month or $500 for a year.  The goal of this service is to allow you to uncover high-growth stocks that are perhaps under the radar screen of most investors.

For a free copy of our most recent report please email

 Download the July Edition



      AB Analytical Services will alert you to any significant news or changes in the technical assessment for stocks that you own or follow.  Pricing begins at $100 per month, with first month free.



     Give us a call at 713-344-0826, and we will discuss with you our technical or fundamental assessment for a stock in which you are interested.  Please note our WATCHLIST, as our input is probably more informed on those 100 names! 






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